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Comprehensive Solutions. Minimal Downtime. 

Rack Repair

Our Pallet Rack Repair Assemblies repair your warehouse uprights that have been damaged by forklift abuse. Damaged uprights can cause an unsafe, unstable work environment. Don’t unload your racking or spend more time than needed, simply repair the damaged uprights with our CenturionRack Repair solutions.

Why National?

National Rack Repair has a dedicated team of experts ready to respond quickly to your rack emergencies. Our services are completed in a matter of hours, getting your business back up and running as usual. 

Extend the Life of Your Pallet Rack Uprights 

Engineered to repair damaged pallet rack uprights, saving you the cost of replacement. 

Customizable Height 

Our solid tube frame is easily adjustable in the field to match your preferred repair height and seamlessly finished with our convenient drop-in top cap for a smooth installation. 

Adjustable Beam Reconnection 

Centurion™ is the industry’s sole solution crafted for secure beam reconnection, offering adjustability without the need for drilling or modification (for both teardrop and structural rack systems). 

Innovative Compatibility 

The Centurion™ Cuff revolutionizes compatibility by eliminating the necessity for in-field reaming, ensuring compatibility with 99% of uprights. 

Effortless Bracing Connection 

Our inventive beam dodger plates simplify the bracing connection process, eliminating the requirement to shift beam positions. 

Strength & Durability in One Package

Repair existing damage while also fortifying against future impacts, enhancing overall resilience. 

Cost Effective Solutions

Don’t replace an entire unsafe racking system when you can repair it with a National Rack Repair kit, which saves both time and money.

Featured Solution


Low Guard

Heavy-duty solution for damage to bottom of upright.

Dedicated to the bottom 16” of the upright and made to fit 3”, 4” or 5″ uprights.

Overall, we estimate around a 93% cost reduction by using [pallet rack repair] kits. This is a great product. I am really surprised more warehouses and factories are not utilizing this solution. 


Senior Operations Manager


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