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How do I know if my rack is damaged and needs a repair kit?

You can contact us directly thru our website by filling out the ‘damage report’.  We have many resources to help you with assessing your rack damage and we can also send an expert to your site and assess the status of your racking system.

How do I determine what type of repair kit I need?

Our specialists can help you determine what type of repair kit would be best for each damaged upright that you may have.

How do I determine what size of repair kit I need?

The repair kit size is based on the highest point of damage with beam levels being taken into consideration.  Repair kits are sized in 12” increments starting at 24” and going to 96” in standard kits. Custom repair kits available upon requests.

Why repair kit instead of replace the upright?

Every damaged upright is different. There are cases that replacing the upright might be the best option. In most cases, repairing the upright is the most economical decision when taking into consideration the preventative factors, ease of installation and safety. Replacing an upright, leaves that upright susceptible to damage and repairing it with a repair kit keeps it safe for decades. 

What separates our company from our competitors?

Our customer service and responsiveness is top notch.  Our rack repair team takes pride in making your emergency our urgency. Our team also keeps numerous sizes of rack repair in stock for quick shipment.

What separates your repair kits from our competitors?

Our rack repair kits are heavy duty, robust kits.  We would truly put them to the test against any other repair kits.

Are their dealers or certified installers in my area?

Yes. There are dealers and certified installers in many different markets. Please contact us and we will connect you with a dealer or certified installer in your area.

Will my rack have the same capacity after being repaired?

Yes. Our repair kits are pre-engineered to maintain the original capacity of your racking system and uprights being repaired. 

How long does it take to repair an upright?

In most cases, rack repair typically takes 30-45 minutes per repair kit.

Do your repair kits have seismic baseplates?

Yes. We have a full-service metal fabrication shop that is able to add seismic baseplates to any repair kits.

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